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“He who would be a leader must pay the price in self-discipline and moral restraint.  This entails the correction and improvement of personal character, the checking of passions and desires, and an exemplary control of one’s bodily needs and drives.  Leaders have to submit themselves to a stricter self-discipline and develop a more exemplary moral character than is expected of others.  To be first in place, one must be first in merit as well.  (H.I.M. July 14, 1961)

The role of Shashemene in the future of the Ras Tafari Movement

For well over a century, Pan Africans in the diaspora pined for, sought after and experimented on the prospects of establishing a haven on the continent of Africa. After Emperor Menelik’s victory over the Italians in defense of Ethiopian sovereignty, the relationship between Ethiopians and Africans in the Americas grew incrementaly, and missions were sent to the Americas to lure diaspora Africans to return and assist in the modernization efforts of the Ethiopian empire.

With the coronation of Emperor Haile Selassie I, the 225th Emperor in the lineage of Sheba and Solomon, there was an exponential increase in the efforts to attract Africans from the diaspora to Ethiopia, and an equal increase in the aspirations and efforts of various groups of diasporan Africans to return to Africa and Ethiopia in particular, to offer service to the land of their ancestors.

IDOR celebrates 80 years of H.I.M. and H.I.H.’s Coronation…..

IDOR celebrates 80 years of H.I.M. and H.I.H.’s Coronation and 80 years of the modern day Ras Tafari Movement!!!!

On November 6, 2010, 6 years after the establishment of IDOR, IDOR gathers with the Ras Tafari family to celebrate an important milestone for the Ras Tafari community.

Howard University, an institution that honored H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I with the title of Doctor of Laws in 1954, is the location of this historic event. The event will focus on “Strengthening the Bridge to Africa”, and feature various Ras Tafari presenters who will discuss their works on the continent. At a time when many remain unsure about the validity of repatriation, IDOR forges ahead to ensure that it remains on the right side of prophecy and stays true to the original intent of Ras Tafari founding fathers.

IDOR Website Launch

On November 2nd, 2010 IDOR launched its long awaited website.IDORHIM.ORGandINIVERSALDEVELOPMENTOFRASTAFARI.ORG. IDOR’s new website will keep members, supporters and Ras Tafari faithful up to date on IDOR projects and programs. The website will also continue IDOR’s mission to educate Ras Tafari people in particular and the world in general on the life and example of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I and Her Imperial Highness Empress Menen.

H.I.M. Facts

I was born on the 16th of Hamle 1884 (23rd July 1892), in the year of John, at Ejersa Goro, not far from Harar. Wayzaro Mazlaqiya, the daughter of my father’s sister Wayzaro Ehta Maryam, had married Dejazmatch Hayla Sellasse Abaynah when I was 4 months old she gave birth Emru (now Ras Emru), and the two of use grew up together as if we were twins. See H.I.M. Autobiography at 15


IDOR is happy to annouce its commitment to ensure female voices within the Ras Tafari movement are being heard. On November 2, 1930, H.I.H. Empress Menen was elevated to the status of Empress and Queen of Queens. Upon her elevation she continued to play her role as quiet yet tireless motivator of her people. She was well loved in Ethiopia as most of her work centered around strengthening the church and the children of Ethiopia. Her attention to the spiritual development of Ethiopia and protecting the future of Ethiopia’s most vunerable citizens- its children.

Through Empress Menen Heights, IDOR will invite various female (and sometimes male) writers to comment on issues of vital concern to and for Ras Tafari women.

A Perspective on the 2010 UWI Conference and Millennium Council Fora

As one who participated in both the UWI Conference…Negotiating the African Presence, and the Millennium Council….Ras Tafari Global Fora; I left Jamaica with a very clear impression of the challenging realities and enormous possibilities that this moment in time offer to the Ras Tafari Movement.

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